Nate Johnson
Actor / VO / Improviser / Writer / Comedian

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Nate's Background

Nate Johnson is an actor, voice over pro, writer and improviser.

He performs in multiple shows every week at the Pack Theater and every month at The Second City in Hollywood.

Behind the mic, Nate has been the voice of notable brands including Amazon and Tempur Pedic. He also uses his deep bass and charisma as emcee and voice of god at conventions for Inc. Magazine and CNBC.

Nate is an accomplished improviser and sketch comedian: he’s a Pack Theater alumna and a member of the long-running house team Big Yellow Taxi (official selection to the Westside Comedy Festival). Nate graduated from California Lutheran University where he majored in International Business.

When he isn’t acting, he’s writing  sketches and surfing. His favorite movie is Forrest Gump. He lives in Echo Park and can regularly be seen at Dodger games in the summer. He would very much like a ride on the Falcon Heavy some day.

Nate's Commercial Type


Hearty laugh. Quick witted. Huge dork. Goes right in for the hug. His friends with kids call him the Baby Whisperer. Will give a smooth hello to the ladies, then trip over a crack on the sidewalk. Opera singing surfer. Loves his down home Nebraska roots but can’t stand winter. Truly bothered that "funnest" is not a word. Former whitewater rafting guide in New Zealand and cattle rancher in the Australian Outback. After a boating accident while snorkeling with whale sharks, he’s now 2 pints Filipino. Will befriend anyone who quotes movies as acceptable human conversation. Thinks it's an unforgivable sin to feed toilet paper from the bottom.